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Our Story

The idea for Shop Green Living began when the founder Cidalia and her husband decided they wanted to live a more mobile life allowing them to pursue their passion of travel.  They were tired of societies view of success.  They desired freedom of the building debt and love to see new things and experience new adventures.  They began to look into Tiny Houses allowing them to be mobile and what they would need to offer the simpler life while still allowing them to enjoy basic amenities like water, electricity and a toilets.  Alas, ShopGreenLiving com was created . 

Shop Green Living is your online store for tiny house, cabin, off-grid, RV, van and boat living.  We offer everything from compost toilets , solar panels, solar kits and small living space appliances.  Offering all that you need to live your best life while appreciating the world around you. is excited about the road ahead.  Offering assistance to those who are pursuing the Off-Grid, Tiny House, Cabin, boat or RV/Van  living or simply want to be more mobile, debt free and live a simplistic lifestyle.

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We pride ourselves in offering  unparalleled service.  We can be reached by phone 800-674-1711 , chat, email , contact us page and Facebook. Our number one goal is getting you the answers you need to make the best decision possible.
We offer you the best prices because we are authorized dealers. This is beneficial to our customers because we cut out the middle man saving you money.
Thank you for shopping with us!