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Nature's Generator Q & A


What is the "Nature's Generator"?

The Nature’s Generator is a standalone unit that is meant to provide power in places where you won't find power.

The Generator consists of a built-in battery pack that stores electrical energy, and uses state-of-the-art electronics that convert 12V power to 120V everyday household electricity. The Nature’s Generator does not require gas to run and does not emit any toxic fumes like standard gas generators can, not to mention it is whisper quite while in use!

With our Power Panel(s), the Nature’s Generator produces its own electricity and stores the electricity for use when you need it. 

What electrical appliances can I run with a "Nature's Generator"?

The Nature's Generator comes with a built-in inverter that provides up to 1,800 Watts of peak power (for 5 minutes) and 1,440 Watts of continuous power. For you to have a better idea of whether you can run your desired product with the Nature's Generator, make sure that you know the continuous wattage of your item.

Items that require lower wattages to run continuously will have longer run times. Items that require higher wattages to run continuously will have shorter run times.

Does the Nature's Generator include a battery?


Yes, the Nature’s Generator includes a 12V, 60Ah Sealed Lead Acid AGM battery that generates up to 720Wh of power. The battery is maintenance free and is securely housed in the generator. If for any reason your internal battery needs to be replaced, the replacement battery can be purchased directly from our site.

Why is there a Main Switch and an AC switch on the Nature's Generator?



The main switch on the generator will turn on the USB ports and the LCD Display on the generator. The AC switch will turn the AC outlets on/off. However, if the Main Switch is not ON while you turn the AC switch to ON, you will not generate any power from the AC outlets. If the AC switch is in the ON position when not in use it will still draw power from the battery and drain it much faster than if it's turned OFF. That is why we supply the additional AC switch so that you can turn the AC outlets off if you won't be using them along with the USB ports. In comparison with the AC outlets, the USB ports will not draw as much power as the AC outlets when on.

ow long will it take to recharge my Nature's Generator?
With our 100W Power Panel, you can recharge the Nature's Generator for an estimated recharge time of 10 to 15 hours on a fully depleted battery. The recharge time of the Nature's Generator will also be dependent on the amount of sunshine the Power Panel is receiving on any given day. Less clouds and more direct sunshine will help the charging performance.


Can Nature's Generator be charged by solar panels on cloudy days?



There is a misconception that solar panels don’t work if there is no sun. Understandable but also not correct. The cloudy days reduces the charging speed for sure, but it still can charge Nature's Generator gradually. 


Can the Nature's Generator be used as a UPS system?

Yes! The Nature's Generator is safe for use indoors and can be used as an uninterruptible power supply for those unexpected outages. 

 The Nature's Generator comes included with a standard AC cord that can be used for connecting the Generator into the wall. You then can connect whatever items you want to keep running into the Generator's AC outlets so that they can remain on whenever the power may go out.

Is the Nature's Generator portable and easy to move around?

The Nature's Generator weighs about 83lbs outside of packaging. So to make it more portable friendly, we've equipped it with our Heavy Duty Cart with wheels. This allows for easier movement and transportation depending where you want to take it. It also has lifting handles on both sides which provide further portability.

I have an item connected to the Nature's Generator AC outlets. Why am I not seeing the output power on the LCD display?

The Nature's Generator is designed to start displaying the output power of an item connected into either of the AC outlets if its continuous power need exceeds 100W. A similar threshold is not applicable to items connected to the USB ports.

Whenever you connect an item into either of the AC outlets on the front of the Nature's Generator, the LCD display will not read the output power of that item if its continuous power needs are 100W or less. You will also be unable to read the output power of items rated at 100W or less through the Nature's Pulse app. 

This is why it is important that you know the continuous wattage consumption of whatever item you are looking to run with the Nature's Generator. 

How much do i save on electric bills by using Nature's Generator?


 The first step to understand how much you can save on electric bills is to calculate how much power you use from Nature’s Generator. The Nature’s Pulse App calculates the total power you use from Nature’s Generator. The second step is to multiply that number by your local electricity rate.

Does Nature's Generator require installation?


If you purchase one of our systems, upon receipt you will have to ensure that the included solar panel(s) are positioned wherever you desire. For long term positions, you can fasten and secure the solar panels to a flat surface outside and connect the 50ft solar panel cable to the Nature's Generator and Nature's Power Panel.


Can the Nature's Generator be used indoors?


Yes. The Nature’s Generator can be used indoors as it does not emit any fumes like standard generators. You can place it into your kitchen or office, and plug in your most needed items. Use it as a permanent source of power!


Can it be hybridized with gas generator?



Yes.  You can use gas generator to charge the Nature's Generator.  Gas generators cannot be used indoors, but Nature's Generator can.