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Zamp Solar

Zamp was founded in Bend, Oregon in 2010 with a vision of making the highest quality, most innovative, off-grid solar products on the market so people like us could dream bigger, go further, and stay out longer.
Now, as the top supplier of US-made off-grid solar panels and accessories, we’re still obsessed with quality, still innovating, still dreaming, and still exploring the infinite possibilities of solar.
Why Buy Zamp Solar ?
  • Zamp Solar is an American company manufacturing an American product with the absolute highest quality materials available.
  • Our panels are designed and crafted in Bend, Oregon USA! With minimal tools required, these are the easiest to install kits in the industry.
  • Power grand adventures with the largest kits on the market. 
  • They include everything you need for complete installation
  • Zamp Solar allows users to rid themselves of noisy generators, while also allowing them to camp free of electrical connections. By recharging the batteries of an RV, solar not only allows users to go longer on their off-grid and boondocking adventures; it also protects and extends the life of the battery up to 300%, saving time and money on costly replacements.


What Size Zamp Solar Panels Do I Need? 




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