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In 1972, Sture Andersson founded the original company in Sweden. His vision was to manufacture the most convenient waterless composting toilets in order to give customers a real alternative to regular flush toilets.  His idea to offer the best designed waterless composting toilet spread around the globe and by the mid 1980s MullToa and BioLet - its international brand name - were being patented and sold in over 30 countries.

Today,  as the global leader in waterless toilet systems, BioLet introduces new features like the automatic liquid sensor & indicator light for emptying to make using and maintaining the BioLet toilets more convenient than ever!

Available Toilets By Biolet

BioLet has upgraded their toilet designs over the past 40+ years. Their company supplies great value with quality toilets at an inexpensive price. Here are some of their most popular models:


  • The BIOLET15 is the original composting toilet of BioLet. It’s designed with a quiet fan, a heater controlled by a thermostat, and a manual mixing control to help the composting get along. Along with the easy installation this toilet is sure to make handling and maintenance carefree.

  • The BIOLET25 is the world’s first automatic composting toilet. It is an upgraded version of the BIOLET15 and includes an automatic mixing system as well as more heaters for better function.

  • The BIOLET65 is the newest model of BioLet toilets. It has even more automatic features than the BIOLET25 and has a larger capacity. The newest feature would be the active liquid control sensor.


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